Our str8 4ward women dresses and men suits are made for daily challenges. These 24-hour designs are comfortable companions on your morning rush to work, a mature statement for your business meeting, elastic and easy care for your extended lunch break and stylish for your after work gathering. They empower without representing. They simply enhance you.

Also on adventurous hikes they protect you from wind and rain and accompany you on every journey comfortable, elastic and crease-resistant. This is Claudia Güdel pure: solid quality and distinctive design.

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Str8 4ward Vintage Yvo
Vintage Yvo
CHF396,00 CHF277,00
Str8 4ward Vintage Cover
Vintage Cover
CHF560,00 CHF392,00
Str8 4ward No Korsar
No Korsar
CHF380,00 CHF266,00
Str8 4ward Ninja Vintage Rain
Ninja Vintage Rain
CHF479,00 CHF335,00
Str8 4ward Hood Vintage Rain
Hood Vintage Rain
CHF690,00 CHF345,00
Rundum Quer V-Pullover RQ Light
V-Pullover RQ Light
CHF198,00 CHF90,00
Str8 4ward Slim Fit Zip Coat Blue Rain
Slim Fit Zip Coat Blue Rain
CHF710,00 CHF355,00
Str8 4ward Sculptured Rain Coat Black
Sculptured Rain Coat Black
CHF620,00 CHF372,00
Str8 4ward Long Lumber Green
Long Lumber Green
CHF520,00 CHF364,00
Str8 4ward Long Holle Top
Long Holle Top
CHF248,00 CHF124,00
Ninja Sport
Str8 4ward Frida
CHF322,00 CHF225,00
Str8 4ward Anaïs
CHF178,00 CHF142,00
Str8 4ward Str8-ener Loose Gamel
Str8-ener Loose Gamel
CHF290,00 CHF197,00
Str8 4ward Super Str8
Super Str8
CHF288,00 CHF230,00
Str8 4ward Slim Fit Zip Coat Black Rain
Slim Fit Zip Coat Black Rain
CHF710,00 CHF355,00
Str8 4ward Night Hil
Night Hil
CHF496,00 CHF397,00