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Claudia Güdel Saramago Tribolet

Claudia Güdel was born in Zurich and lives in Basel. In 2002 she started her menswear label Claudia Güdel Men’s Wear; her menswear collection won a Swiss Design Award in 2007. In the winter of 2008, Claudia launched her first women’s collection and opened her shop at 56 Bäckerstrasse in Zurich. Since 2011 Claudia and her team have been managing three boutiques in Zurich and Basel. Kleinbasel is home to the spacious studio where Claudia and her studio team develop her collections and clothing concepts.

Lorea Stauffer

Lorea Stauffer grew up in Basel and is now the mother of two children. After training as a garment technologist with a specialty in women’s clothing, she completed an internship at Claudia Güdel in 2009 and joined the studio team in May of 2012. One of her primary responsibilities is working on customer orders for clothing that is partially or completely custom-tailored.


Hannah Fahrni

Hannah Fahrni comes from Basel. After going to the Rudolf Steiner School there, she attended the foundation programme at the Basel School of Design. In 2016 she successfully completed her education as a garment technologist. She then interned at Claudia Güdel from October 2016 to March 2017 before going on to become an integral part of the studio team.


Julika Weinecker

Julika Weinecker is originally from Giessen, Germany. After completing her studies, she was first drawn to work in the music industry, where she served as the PR manager for various opera houses and organised concerts and tours in Berlin and Munich. Julika moved to Switzerland in 2012, and she has been managing public relations at Claudia Güdel since November 2017. Alongside her PR work, Julika works part-time in the Basel and Zurich shops.

Anna Reimitz Linder

Born and raised in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. At 19, she left her old home to explore the world on a cruise ship. After two years of hard work, she ended up in London, where she went to school before love swept her away to Switzerland 19 years ago. Anna has been part of the Claudia Güdel team since 2011 and spent many years commuting between the shops in Basel and Zurich before taking over the management of the shop on Bäckerstrasse.

Sabine Arnold

Sabine Arnold comes from the Swiss city of Solothurn. She is passionate about exploring clothing as it relates to our bodies – about the subtle interplay of the interior individual and the exterior shell. This interest led her to train as agarment technologist and then deepen her professional knowledge and skills at the Institute of Fashion Design at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel. After completing her formal education, Sabine started her own clothing label in Madrid. She then returned to Switzerland and worked in Zurich as a pattern cutter and production manager at the Swiss label KAZU. Sabine has been part of the Claudia Güdel team since 2014 and is responsible for the wholesale aspect of the business. She has been managing the Schnabelgasse shop in Basel since 2015.

Laura Waldmeier

Laura Waldmeier grew up in Zurich. After completing her apprenticeship as a dressmaker, she received additional training to become a textile merchant. She then held various jobs in the textile industry before joining the Claudia Güdel team in Zurich in 2008. After taking some time off to start a family, Laura rejoined the team in 2021. She now works one day a week managing the web shop and helping out in the Bäckerstrasse shop in Zurich.

Anne Wauschkuhn Gratzl

Anne Wauschkuhn Gratzl *1971 in Krefeld, Germany, has lived in the area of Basel for 20 years and is the mother of two almost grown sons. After graduating from high school and completing an apprenticeship as a tailor in Düsseldorf, she completed her studies in textile science, art history and American studies at the Universities of Dortmund and Bochum in 2000. A scholarship abroad and love brought her to Switzerland. In Zurich she worked on the Migros Expo.02 project, at the Historisches Museum Basel she was assistant to the Fred Spielmann fashion exhibition and for several years she has been giving sewing courses at the Migros Klubschule Basel. At Claudia Güdel, she has been employed as an all-rounder since June 2021.

Caroline Huwile

is a motivated hobby seamstress. Since an internship with Claudia Güdel in 2016, she has been a dedicated ambassador for the label and helps out in the shop on Schnabelgasse in Basel or fills in for special events.

Sarah Kutz

Born 2000 in Munich, grew up in Schopfheim. Started training as a fashion designer and tailor in September 2018 and completed it in July 2021. During the training period she worked part-time at Atelier Issue Design in Basel. Since January 2022 she is an intern at Claudia Güdel.