20 years Claudia Güdel Show at the Kleinbasler Atelier

What a spectacular anniversary we were able to celebrate on 8.9.22! 20 years is a long creative path, the anniversary catwalk clearly showed that. 
The models took the latest two collections through 4 seasons on a special hike. We were deeply moved that you, our wonderful clientele, our friends and family, came out in such large numbers and enjoyed and celebrated this special moment with us. 

Photos: Donata Ettlin / Kitty Bertossi
Laufmeter 2022  
Catwalk in Public Space 2022
Photos: Raffi p.n. Falchi / Julika Weinecker

10+ 1 Show Zürich

With music, drinks and a spectacular fashion performance we celebrated our 10+1 years at Baeckerstrasse 56. A heartful thank you to everybody! Dancers, helpers, friends and family! It was a beautiful evening and we are looking forward to the next 10+ years with you all!
Photos: Bernardo Tribolet
Laufmeter 2018
Photos: Michèle Büschi
Catwalk in Public Space 2018
Habit 2013
Photos: Habit

10+ 1 Show Basel

In September 2012 we had two reasons to make a toast in Basel. The 10th anniversary of the label Claudia Güdel and one year of the store at Schnabelgasse 4. With a street catwalk and drinks we celebrated together with customers, family and friends.

Catwalk in Public Space 2011
Rimini Bar Zürich 2011 
Catwalk in Public Space 2009
Wien April 2009
Wien August 2009
Photos: Andi Bruckner 
Zürich 2008
Gare du Nord 2006