Corporate Wear

We at Claudia Güdel develop clothing concepts that can fit seamlessly into your corporate identity while also strengthening the cohesion of your team. Our functional, comfortable work attire equips your employees to navigate the challenges of their daily work with professionalism and confidence. We are committed to offering long-lasting, high-quality clothing that reflects your business image, and our flexibility enables us to adapt our palette of proven basics to incorporate any special needs you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any requests or questions.


People are different and expect different things from their clothing. This individuality inspires us –and is the engine that drives our design process. After all, clothing does much more than just clothe us: it provides us with a sense of security and stability, protects us, empowers us, and reflects our personalities, communicating even when we don’t speak.


It often takes considerable time and attention to discover design solutions that may at first seem simple and obvious but become indispensable once found. When produced at the highest standards of quality, such designs become truly timeless. The quality of our designs at Claudia Güdel is rooted in our meticulous attention to detail: we develop our prototypes by hand and spend years testing the materials we use. We have also developed trusted and long-standing partnerships with competent production facilities and fabric producers in Switzerland and the European Union.



New designs are continually taking shape in our Kleinbasel studio, both for our basic lines and seasonal collections. These are sometimes created in tandem, sometimes separately, but they always complement one another and can be effortlessly combined. As we develop our pieces, we pare down them down to the essentials. This allows for countless attractive combinations – with just a few articles of clothing, you can put together a wide range of outfits. And if one of our designs has become a tried-and-true favourite, you can reorder it any time online or directly from our studio. We are also happy to discuss and assess any specific ideas you may have in order to design and develop pieces tailored to your individual needs.

Our Clients


Hotel Krafft Basel
Rheingasse 12
CH-4058 Basel
Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel2
Brunngässlein 82
CH-4052 Basel
Casino Bern
Casinoplatz 1
CH-3011 Bern